woooooo! so bored

So I'm just sitting in history, bored, so I thought I would write a new blog, since I haven't in a while.

One of the reasonsI haven't posted in a while is because of the whole "getting-people-to-vote-for-New-Empire-so-I-can-go-see-them" thing. Working on this street team has been a TON of fun! Megan is an awesome person to "work" with. I say "work" because neither one of us feel like it's actually work, it's just a lot of fun! I feel so excited when we move up just one spot.

By the way, we're now at #19! only 9 spots to go til they're in the top 10, and still a month left to get them in the top 10 and stay there! woohoo!

Like I said, I get excited!

And my mom said she's getting worried now because they might actually make it into the top 10 and me and some friends really want to go if they do make it! :)

There's really no point to this post, just trying to fill time.................................................

Never mind. I'm done now. :)


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